The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

Custom rating system

I customized the rating system for the blog today. I made this image in powerpoint so the stars would be replaced by lemons keeping with the blogs theme. Worked out well!

Lemon rating image

Here is the original image I used to create the image above.

New ratings are as follows;

1 lemon = Kill me now!
2 lemons = Craptastic
3 lemons = Meh…
4 lemons = Sweet
5 lemons = You are a God!



lemon. (n.d) In Google Images [Digital image]. Retrieved March 28, 2011, from;


Why a rotten lemon with a third eye?!
March 15, 2011, 11:45 am
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You are probably wondering why I have chosen such an odd name for this blog! Well the drawing is from a project in my VIS1303 unit.

Project form VIS1301. Based on the themes bitter and burning. Tone also had to be a dominant element in the work.

Like all things creative it can be interpreted many ways. For this blog it represents the rotten unlearned state at which we begin this unit transforming into a state of learning. To one day transcend into a form greater than its original being.

Wow that’s awesome but what does that mean exactly?!

Basically it means I intend to learn stuff during this unit, continuing to do so long after it is over and to keep pushing myself on a personal level.

Blog Header

Header created using photo of drawing.