The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment


I really enjoy drawing portraits and will often copy images from movie and album covers (I have even been known to pause a DVD and draw the frame from my television screen!). This is what I used to do before starting university last semester. It was a completely selfish pursuit as I used it as a form of meditation with the work being a mere after thought. It allowed me to switch off and escape the stresses of daily life and cope with things I’m not sure I could have without it.

I like to draw fast with a felt tipped pen, working back into it with a water wash. It was all about letting go and not worrying about making mistakes or getting things perfect. I often set a timer and would work like a mad man until it went off. The size of the paper would set the time I gave my self. A3 or bigger was given an hour or less and A5 as little as 15 minutes.

2PAC - A3

2PAC - A3

Main character from the movie 'the Twilight Samurai'

Character from the movie 'Hero'

Moving out of my comfort zone in the unit VIS1303

Model feel asleep during the class

Again model feel asleep. Tough job getting paid to take a nap!


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Nice sketches! I had to draw the same model and for the same exercise he also fell asleep! Charcoal looks great in big scale drawings..

Comment by mirandacurran

I hadn’t used charcoal much going into the class but came out loving it. Thanks for the kind words. I really wish there were more drawing units though!

Comment by Jason

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