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VIS1303 – Group Project

For the unit VIS1303 – Introduction to Drawing our last project was a group drawing. It was to feature the human form and all the skills we had learned over the course of the unit. Each member was required to at least draw one figure. It was established early on within our group the human figure had to be the focal point of the work. So we went with the religious paintings of the past as our inspiration. The work represents the enlightenment gain from the unit. The glowing quill being the focus of the figures. We chose a quill because it looked cooler than a pencil or a piece of charcoal. If you want a detailed look at the creative process used in this project please refer to DRAWreport. It’s an easy read with lots of pictures and a great insight into the project. The report covers the initial concepts as they were refined into an achievable design, decisions made along the way right through to the final finished work and after thoughts.

Here are some pictures from the report.

Getting started

Vanessa and Jason drawing

Vanessa and I getting stuck in

We worked really well as a team and ploughed through the work

Franco drawing

Franco hard at work

Finished drawing. Was completed with a whole class to spare too!


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Your group drawing is great, it is very well composed.

Comment by rachelhillary

Thanks Rachel. I’m really happy how it turned out. When you have a good group who work well together it becomes effortless. We still worked hard but we were able to reach a state of ‘flow’ very early on as a group and maintained it for the duration of the project. Was a lot of fun too which always helps.

Comment by Jason

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