The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

“…and from the stank of rotten fruit I shall return” – Me, I said that.
December 8, 2011, 1:52 pm
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As it was prophesied in this doodle it has come to be

It’s been a while. Six months to be exact. Lots of things have happened since the completion of the unit this blog was created for. Holidays were had. A new semester was taken and completed. So what’s next for the ‘rotten lemon’? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. All I know is I had a bunch of fun writing this and now that university is over for another year I find myself with more time on my hands. I’ve been listening to this audio book that suggests engaging in an activity that plays to your personal character strenghts increases your overall happiness. As creativity is the strenght I am looking endulge here it will be the overall theme of the blog. Ranging from art to cool ideas, theories or whatever tickles my fancy all in the name of enlightenment. So stay tuned and enjoy the ride as I try to make sense of this crazy world of ours.