The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

Creative Project #011
May 17, 2011, 9:01 pm
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Wasn’t a big fan of my last attempt so had another crack tonight. I really like this version and think it works well as a whole. I opted to keep the left side photo quality to really draw the focus to the creative side. I think I managed to strike a good balance between recognisable and childlike.

What do you think?

Third time is a charm


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Jason, I think this is a good balance between childlike and recognition, the image is well balanced and composed. I really like the whole concept behind the project and think you finally hit on the right idea and the reading is thoughtful and indepth in research and content. I think the other ideas were interesting as well- I guess it must be hard when your brain ticks over 24/7?!

Comment by bottegafranco

Thanks Franco. I really had some fun with this project and yes at times it can be hard to focus when the ideas start flowing!

Comment by Jason

This is definitely the stronger of the concepts you’d done, I think we have a winner! It has a child-like look to it, but at the same time is an accurate depiction. And it kind of reminds me of two-face from Batman, which is ultra-cool!

Comment by Mike

Thanks Mike. Yeah I am happy with this one too. I think once I focused on the mark making being childlike and the representation more advanced it came together nicely. When that wasn’t clear in my mind (previous drawings) it didn’t work nearly as well and was a little confusing.

Comment by Jason

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