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Creative Project #005


Jims creative self

I downloaded GIMP this morning for my photo manipulation needs. It’s very similar to Photoshop but free! Not because it’s an illegal download or anything sinister like that. It’s actually an open source program created by users for users. GIMP is also a way better name than Photoshop too!
Now armed with the correct software I had another crack at the photo I took of dad (Jim). It turned out much better this time. The next question is how I am going to present/display these portraits. Will they have a graphic design feel or a visual arts approach…
Let me know what you think!
GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program

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I should’ve read more into the blog before making my last post. Glad to see you got some good editing software, and while GIMP is a better name, Photoshop still reigns supreme over humanity, all hail Photoshop!

I personally am a graphic designer lover, but in relation to your project I think visual arts would work better as I think it tends to be more free and would work wonders in expressing someones creative side. But that’s just my thought, run free and create!

Comment by thoughtswillcrackmyskull

I could possibly work back into them or even turn them into a portrait painting! Never thought of that…I had all but shelved this concept. I’d thank you but you have given me more to think about and consider! Good stuff.

Comment by Jason

You’re welcome 😉

Comment by Mike

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