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RE: Famous on the Interwebs

I have been getting a lot of feed back from my Famous on the Interweb post. It also seems to be getting the most traffic on the blog with about 14 hits a day. So I thought I’d share the back story on that now somewhat infamous picture.

Last year there was a competition to become the face of a new shopping center here in Perth. It was voted on by the public then a winner was selected from the most popular. Along with the photo you had to submit a 25 or less word statement which basically equated to why you thought you were the centre of the universe. My statement was “see photo for proof of my awesomeness“.

Here is a screenshot from the competition website with myself and some of the contestants.

I am a model

In case you were wondering I didn’t win…


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Jason, this is a wonderful and humourous look at the silly side of commercialism combined with vanity. just by you being the only male stands out like the proverbial dogs cullioni’s.Do you think the judges got the joke and didn’t think you were some kind of wakko looking for his fifteen minutes of fame? i mean seriously you simply can’t do that sort of thing ladies and think yourselves serious?!

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

I think the judges thought I was serious! They all come from a world where vanity is king. Humour that challenges this would be closer to blasphemy in their eyes. It was worth a laugh at any rate.

Comment by Jason

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