The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

I need your help!
April 12, 2011, 1:23 pm
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I’m looking for some help coming up with the sub title for this blog. Originally it was ‘just another CCA1103 blog’ and currently it’s ‘learning is rarely pleasant’. Don’t really like how that sits as I personally enjoy learning very much. It does go with the blog title pretty well though.

Throw me some ideas. I need some feedback to get my ‘flow’ going otherwise I’ll just go around in circles. See what I did there Mark. I referred an unrelated post back to the unit. That right there is worth a couple of marks at least!


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what about ‘exploring the bitter sweet’? or ‘ learning- better if bitter sweet’ Will talk to you about this as need to brainstorm one on one – i work better that way. How about’ I learn bitter that way”sqeezing the bitter out of learning leaves a pleasurable taste!’Ok, enough.I know it sounds crap!

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

A bitter way of learning?

Comment by Jason

I no longer drink enough to think you’re witty.

Also, hello. I am Tim.

Comment by Tim

I was thinking of relating it back to the blog title some how. Though all suggestions are welcome.

Congratulations Tim you are the first comment from someone other than a student taking this unit! I feel you should get some sort of prize but know my thanks will be enough.

May I ask what you think of the blog as an outsider?

Comment by Jason

Well, the biggest compliment I can give you is that you’re bookmarked and I’ve subscribed to be emailed for all your new posts. Probably tells you I like it.

Yeah, it’s interesting. I thought this – – was awesome.

Comment by Tim Smith

Just thought of – finding pleasure in the unpleasant

Damn you subtitle and your stubbornness in not being something awesome!

Comment by Jason

Doesn’t that still imply learning is unpleasant?

Comment by Tim

Yup 😦

Comment by Jason

Ok how’s this? – rebirth of a creative mind

The rotten lemon is kind of getting a second chance despite being neglected. Just like I have neglected my passion for the visual arts. Keeps the theme going and is a positive!

Thanks for keeping me honest Tim.

Comment by Jason

Perhaps you should consider removing the idea of a sub-title altogether, considering your difficulty finding anything 😛

Comment by Tim

Yeah. It is looking like that’s the go at this stage. Maybe it’s not working because I am trying to match up a vague title with a vague subtitle…

Good work Tim! I like your thinking.

Comment by Jason

I’m glad you like the “not instantly working? Give up” thinking.

Comment by Tim

I think I am going to go with – we all have to start somewhere

Comment by Jason

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