The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

Creative Project #004

Introducing my dad's creative self

I did a test shot last weekend with my dad. What I learnt was I really need some photo editing software on my home computer. Using PowerPoint as your editor only gets you so far! It is the reason for the stupid white line running down the middle of the picture. I think I’ll be taking up residency in the ECU computer labs over the break.

I did decide however I wanted to take the photos under the same conditions to keep a consistency and cohesion for the project. Looks like I’ll be chasing up Franco for a crash course in photography! My camera will be for the very first time venturing from the full auto setting.


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Your right,you do need a hand with the photography bit- will certainly try and give you some pointers.

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

Hahaha thanks for the vote of confidence Franco! It’s good as I was worried this concept would be too easy and not a challenge.

Comment by Jason

Photos like this though are great starters as show your creative process/flow! You can download photoshop, i have a version of it on my computer that is really good and easy to use if you have before. Nice!

Comment by mirandacurran

Thanks Mirranda! Franco sometimes let’s his ego get the better of him when addressing us mere mortals. You’re right it is all about the process.

That’s awesome do you remember where you downloaded it from?

Comment by Jason

Photoshop is my second lover, I would definitely recommend getting it, once you learn the basics its easy to use. It is rather expensive to buy though, and I most certainly would NEVER suggest downloading it from a software piracy website like, because using torrents to download software for free is WRONG. But let’s say you were just curious to see how many options you had to download from this site, you could type in ‘photoshop cs5’ and it will show a heap of results for the latest edition of photoshop. But you didn’t hear that from me, I, like many other people around the world, am very rich and can afford to spend thousands of dollars on updating software every year *cough*

Comment by thoughtswillcrackmyskull

I will most certainly not be checking out that site…ever! I’d much rather pay the full price for a legitimate copy and sleep well at night…wait what…it’s free?!

Bookmarking thepiratebay now.

Comment by Jason

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