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Spoors vs Religon

This week’s lecture by Dr Glen Spoors on Mythopoesis was…well…different. Like his last lecture the rate of information being thrown at you was quite overbearing but at the same time extremely interesting. I found myself constantly drifting away from the presented material and fixating on Spoors’s rather odd childhood understanding of the world. He was basically left to discover and figure out the world himself with very little outside guidance. With an extremely active imagination even by a child’s standards is it really any wonder that he came up with a very fantastical world view?

Spoors, G (2011) stated on several occasions that his family wasn’t religious and was I assume, brought up without the teachings of any religion. I find this of particular interest as while I do not believe in any religion I was brought up on christian beliefs. Would Spoors’s world understanding been different if he had been brought up with a religious background? I have always been of the belief that religions are more trouble than they are worth but for the first time I began to wonder and challenge that idea. Religions basically help people understand their purpose, place, how the world functions and even how it came about. Which is exactly what Spoors seemed to be missing and compensating for. Without these stories to explain the world he simply came up with his own. Not all of which turned out to be healthy. At the time however they made sense and helped him deal with the complexities of life. So would Spoor’s childhood been any different if religion was involved? Let’s face it Religion is a lot more interesting to a child with Gods and superpowers than science and monkeys! It is also in a nice little package. I one stop shop so to speak.

This is all very speculative and just my opinion but it did keep me thinking well after the lecture had finished.

Would be really interesting to hear others thoughts on the subject.


Spoors, G (2011). Glen Spoors – Mythopoesis

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The old is religion any good for us question. for what it’s worth although religion is supposed to bring an acceptance and understanding of our diverse humanity, I fear that humanity uses it as a platform to discriminate and marginilize people in society, they find hard to understand.The idea of moral and ethical guidance through the wisdom of religion in any form tends to divide rather than unite, regardless of how much happy clapping goes on in the world. An outdated mode of questioning societies big ideals.

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

I agree Franco. No wonder you gave me a funny look when I mentioned this after the lecture. It gets you fired up real good! Should probably avoid politics too if this is any indicator…

What I was trying to say was less about religion as a whole and all those nasty hidden agendas. I was more interested in the creation stories and values you learn as a kid. I think these would have filled the void Spoors was trying to fill with his fantastical theories on how the world worked. For instance when he was tripping out staring at the sun. Wondering why no one else thought it was so amazing. I was looking at religion more as a way to satisfy a child’s curiosity until they were old enough to come to their own conclusions.

Comment by Jason

Great choice of image though, classic, again god (in the form of man), decides when to give life and when to take it away!

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

What a judgmental prick!

Comment by Jason

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