The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

Famous on the interwebs

I’m now famous on the interwebs! Check it…

Screencapture of blog stats

Hit a milestone yesterday. 41 views in a single day! Pretty good since it’s week6 and we are still waiting on a list of our classmates’ blog addresses!

41 hits on the interwebs baby!

Avoid the rush ladies get some now before I become a delusional celebrity with an inflated sense of self-worth. Hit me up on 1800-IAMADOUCHE…you know you want to!


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jason, very funny and subversive as usual, always pushing the boundaries of good taste. isn’t that what the avante garde was considered in its different periods of evolution by the critics and public?

Comment by Franco Iannantuoni

As you know Franco I love to push boundaries. While I realize I’m walking a very fine line a favorite art teacher once told me that as long as the brief doesn’t say you can’t do it then it’s fair game. Though this doesn’t scream professionalism it does expose the humor that runs at my core. It also gives an insight into the way I think and my playful nature which are important things to get across. So when Mark said “creativity is about taking risks” a rather large grin crept across my face. The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment was born. You might not like it but it doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything by taking the time to read it.

PS. As I am writing this I have 46 views so far today. At this rate I’ll be able to quit uni and live off my awesomeness!

Comment by Jason

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