The Rotten Lemon of Enlightenment

Creative Project #002

Following on from my alter egos post I had another idea for my creative project.

Using the concept of creating a mirror image of one side of the face to create a whole in the form of a portrait. I could use it as a metaphor for understanding ones creative self. They say the right side of the brain is your creative side. So with this in mind I could create a series of portraits only using the subjects right side. This would create a visual representation of their creative self.


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Brilliant idea! You could even incorporate both sides of the subject, but the left side be somewhat the opposite of the creative side, the ‘man in the suit’, the clone, the person who works the office job stuck in a cubicle all day stapling papers, the person we don’t want to be, being out-contrasted by the creative self. But your idea is really creative enough as it is, love it.

Comment by thoughtswillcrackmyskull

I like your spin though it adds another element to it. As is it feels a little too straight forward. Thanks for the idea it has brought life back to this concept!

Comment by Jason

This is an interesting creative concept and I think it could be refined into something quite powerful. We’ll discuss this in class next week. Overall, it’s great to see so much thought and effort going into your blogs, Jason. Some of the posts are more personal and the links to Creativity more tenuous than others. There is a place for the more speculative and humorous stuff, but it might be an idea when it comes to submission to identify 6 particular posts that have strong links to the theories discussed and demonstrate the most depth of thought. Otherwise, though, this is Distinction quality – a great start and a nice busy record you’ve got going.

Comment by Mark McMahon

Thanks for the feedback Mark. I see your point with the tenuous links. I guess saying the word ‘flow’ once in a post doesn’t cut it as a strong link back to the theories of the unit. I will have to create a ‘serious’ category for marking purposes. I plan to go over some of our class discussions and handouts in more detail so will cut back on the narrative and focus on the material. I wasn’t sure of the level of personal voice required for this blog and was probably starting to have a little too much fun with it! I knew it was a bit of a risk but remembered you mentioned in the first week or two that creativity and risk go hand in hand. See you next week.

Comment by Jason

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