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Creative Project #001

The creative process which I have talked about in the post Understanding your creativity: Preparation is being constantly aware of your environment. While categorising this information and applying it to your own ideas and concepts. With this in mind I stumble across this video on another wordpress blog and an idea was born!

What a great way to document the evolution of an idea from concept to final outcome. Or better yet what a great way to illustrate the creative process itself! My creative project might just very well be my own personal creative process come to life in the form of a stop motion animation video. Whether this will be a viable idea I’m not sure but as week three’s lecturer Harman, J. (2011) stated “entertain all ideas” no matter what your initial thoughts and feels are towards it. You never know where it might take you!



Harman, J. (2011) Personal Creative Process: John Harman.

The Graphic Side of Life


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That video is NUTS. Amazing. I would love to see you do a stop animation video for your project, but would have to agree with your questioning of whether it’s viable, that video you posted must’ve taken forever.

Love the vidoes and picture you’ve posted, makes for easy reading.

Comment by thoughtswillcrackmyskull

Yeah it blew me away too. Just had a shot at doing something like this on a whiteboard at work. I posted it recently let me know what you think and any preference you have with which concept I should run with.

Thanks for the feedback!

Comment by Jason

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