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Photomedia and the Creative Personality


Who said being a student was easy!


This week’s lecture by Juha Tolonen entitled Photomedia was in one word… bad. I guess it was inevitable when considering the quality of the last two lectures that something had to give. Last semester I did CMM1108 and Jung. J (2010) gave some very good advice in regard to presentations; “You’ll be lucky if the audience remembers one thing from your presentation”. This advice really helps the presenter focus their presentation and really emphasises the need for clear points. Juha’s had neither. I found myself wondering the entire time where is this going and more importantly what did he want me to take away from it? So much so when we were asked if we had any questions at the end I was tempted to ask that very question. I chose not to because I didn’t want to come across as being a smart ass or embarrass Juha as that wasn’t my intention. It was obvious he struggled with today’s lecture so there was no need to remind him of that in front of a hundred or so students. What I would have liked to see was more of his creative process and how it applied to his work. Much like a case study he could have taken us through a body of work from idea/concept to final works or exhibition. That’s assuming he was aware of his creative process in the first place which doesn’t always seem to be the case with creative types. With a clear focus I think Juha could really turn this presentation into something special but as is it was a bit of a disaster!


Jung. J (2010) CMM1108 – Communication and Digital Technology

Tolonen, J. (2011) Photomedia

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Completely agree! I felt that the lecture was just a slide show of his pretty pictures. There was no clear reason as to why he was talking to us besides, ‘hey landscape photography lets you travel to some really cool places’. I’m glad someone had the guts to write about our lack of educating lectures. Oh! And how did you get that photo of me? I must have been pretty wacked.

Comment by jennifersims

I hope you don’t mind about me using the photo. I was meaning to ask. You looked so cute and peaceful I just had to use it!

I think both possitive and negative feedback is important as long as it is constructive. Also our tutor Mark McMahon said creativity is all about taking risks so I have been trying to be as open as possible with this blog. By taking away the filters we place on ourselves I hope to give a better insight into the way I think and my own personal creative process. Will find out in a couple weeks when our tutors give us some informal feedback if it paid off. Otherwise this could all be censored and blackened out with only the none offensive words remaining. Much like a restricted government document with sensitive information!

Comment by Jason

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